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Thread has arrived & surveys have been sent out!!

Posted by David Jackson on December 11, 2013. 0 Comments

Hey Kickstarters! The thread & needles have arrived. Picture this:

Dave walks up to a car parked on a dark street in San Francisco. Guy gets out of car and pops trunk, displaying thousands of dollars worth of "the highest quality product". Dave inspects product to make sure it's what he asked for. Everything seems to be in order. Dave shakes guy's hand and walks off with two boxes full of the good stuff.

That's actually how it went down last night. Luckily I wasn't mugged on the short walk home... not that anyone else would know what to do with 19.5 miles of waxed linen thread.

Now I have everything I need to send out your kits and sewn wallets! I have two laser cutters hard at work cutting out the leather pieces and my friends are hard at work sewing. I'm heading to E&M Labs in Mountain View,...

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Stuff is happening!!

Posted by David Jackson on December 07, 2013. 0 Comments

Hey Kickstarters!! I've had my head down for the past week sorting out the various logistical issues involved in delivering nearly 4000 Wrap Wallets. A ton of messages have piled up in my inbox and I'm about to go through and start answering them all after I post this update, so please be understanding if my response time is slow. So what's going on?

0. ONLY THE SURVEY FOR THE BLACK & BLUE WRAP HAS BEEN SENT OUT. Not the kit, just the sewn wrap. I'm sending the surveys out as needed in case people move or something else happens that messes everything up.

1. Pergamena (the tannery) is awesome. They tracked my Kickstarter campaign, proactively coloring leather for us and shipping it to California before receiving a single nickel from me. Thanks to you I was finally able to cut them a (huge) check for all of their hard work.

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It's Cyber Monday!! Black & Blue Wrap survey sent!

Posted by David Jackson on December 02, 2013. 0 Comments

Hey Kickstarters!! Its Cyber Monday, and I have a few projects that I think are cool and want to share with you:

EVAK Glass Food Storage Container - My friend Ed designed these awesome air-tight food storage containers that change volume to displace any extra air inside to keep your food fresh. The best part is that this happens automatically, no levers to flip or pumps to use.

Lexell Stone Watches - Tim has created watches with bezels and bracelets cut out of stone. They have a unique look and the stone is much harder than metal, making it more resistant to scratching. As an engineer I always appreciate unique materials applied to products in new ways.

Orbitkey - Rex has tackled another pressing pocket problem: key management. His solution expands to fit up to nine keys and keeps them neat and not jangling around in your...

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One Hour Left - up and running!

Posted by David Jackson on November 29, 2013. 0 Comments

Hey Kickstarters!! Just one hour left before the Wrap Wallet is funded. Thank you all so much for your incredible support. Check out the website I built over the last two days at

REMINDER: Kickstarter is not a store. It is an experience. I promise to do everything I can to get your Wrap Wallet to you as soon as possible, as long as you promise to be understanding about the fact that I now have to produce around 30x more wallets than my initial goal had accounted for.

Lucky for you (and me) I knew this level of funding was possible and I have an amazing network behind me to produce Wrap Wallets very, ahem, wrapidly.

I have already been working tirelessly to get manufacturing up and running. A little over a thousand wallets' worth of leather has already been dyed at the tannery and is either already at the...

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Wrap Wallet Color Combination Photos

Posted by David Jackson on November 29, 2013. 0 Comments

Hey Kickstarters!! I have some more wallet photos to show you. I still only have red and blue in the actual linen thread that I'm using so I can't show you all of the available color combinations, but this will at least show you exactly what the leather colors look like with some different thread colors. I have another type of linen thread in natural that should be a close substitute for "ecru" that I used on the mahogany leather.

Black Leather & Blue Thread (this was sewn by my girlfriend on her first try!):

Mahogany Leather & Ecru Thread (not the exact ecru that will be used - the actual thread will be significantly thinner but should be very close in color):

Wrap Wallet successfully funded!!

Posted by David Jackson on November 28, 2013. 0 Comments

On midnight EST (9pm PST) of Black Friday, November 29, 2013 the Wrap Wallet by Thread & Leather was successfully funded on Reservations for Wrap Wallets can be made immediately on


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Instructional Video + Happy Thanksgiving!!

Posted by David Jackson on November 28, 2013. 0 Comments

Hey Kickstarters!! First of all, happy Thanksgiving! I hope you are all with loved ones today eating some delicious turkey. I've got six confit turkey legs that have been cooking sous vide for 12 hours using my Nomiku to give us extra meat firepower to go with mom's massive 18 lb turkey (we have 16 people at the table today).

I finally had time to record a Wrap Wallet sewing instructional video yesterday. Just a single cut showing how I sew Wrap Wallets. Please watch this if you've ordered a kit so you know what you're in for.

Just after I shot the video I figured out a trick that makes it twenty times easier to thread the sewing needles. I'll show you that sometime soon.

And this is what I was up to last night on Thanksgiving Eve (the biggest party night...

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Baseball Wrap Wallet Pics

Posted by David Jackson on November 22, 2013. 0 Comments

Hey Kickstarters!! Everyone has been asking what the "Baseball" Wrap Wallet will look like. Well here it is!

This will be my personal wallet for the next few days so we can see the character it develops over time.

I'll be sewing up other color combinations as soon as I can. I'm still waiting on most colors of thread, but I have another brand of black and ecru so you'll be able to see what those thread colors look like (they just won't be the same thickness/quality). We'll have to wait for my thread shipment to arrive to see the the final black & ecru thread and to see the green thread at all.

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ID Window & Slide Pocket Options

Posted by David Jackson on November 21, 2013. 0 Comments

Hey Kickstarters!! Going to keep this update short and sweet because I am exhausted. Spent the last two days at the laser cutter tweaking sewing hole diameters, logo placement and other variables to freeze the design for production, and then hopped on the redeye from SF to Philadelphia last night for my class at University of Pennsylvania today. Thankfully I have a guest lecturer from Wharton in to talk about project management so I can relax a little.

People have asked about ID window placement options, and also about choosing to have no ID window and either one or two slide pockets, or even just no holes at all.

The standard configuration shown on the Kickstarter page (ID on the outside, slide pocket on the inside) will remain as standard for all normal pledge levels.

If you would like a wallet with an unusual ID/slide pocket configuration:

Order a "Custom...

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$75,000 and three new pledge options!!

Posted by David Jackson on November 16, 2013. 0 Comments

Hey Kickstarters!! Thank you all so much for your incredible support. $75,000 in two weeks is simply amazing. Please take the time to share this page on Facebook and Twitter with your friends and family. I truly believe that this is the Best Wallet in the World, and I want to get it into the hands of as many people as possible. Friends don't let friends use crappy wallets!

As my way of saying "thank you" I've added three new tiers:

Green Thread & Leather, available as a Kit for $29 and as a Wrap for $59
Green Thread & Leather, available as a Kit for $29 and as a Wrap for $59
Limited Edition Kickstarter Green Kit - $49
Limited Edition Kickstarter Green Kit - $49

I also have a question for those...

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