Wrap Wallet Color Combination Photos

Hey Kickstarters!! I have some more wallet photos to show you. I still only have red and blue in the actual linen thread that I'm using so I can't show you all of the available color combinations, but this will at least show you exactly what the leather colors look like with some different thread colors. I have another type of linen thread in natural that should be a close substitute for "ecru" that I used on the mahogany leather.

Black Leather & Blue Thread (this was sewn by my girlfriend on her first try!):

Mahogany Leather & Ecru Thread (not the exact ecru that will be used - the actual thread will be significantly thinner but should be very close in color):

British Tan Leather & Blue Thread (sorry, I don't have black or green yet!):

Natural Leather & Red Thread (baseball):

Red Thread & Leather (I used this actual wallet for about a month):

Blue Thread & Leather:

Green Leather & Blue Thread (sorry, I don't have green yet, though that blue actually looks pretty fantastic):

Hope this helps!! I'll be posting another update soon with some final details as the Kickstarter campaign draws to a close. Thanks for your incredible support!!

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