Merry Belated Christmas!!

Hey Kickstarters!!

It's been over two weeks since I posted the last update. I sincerely apologize. The logistics of leather/thread/lasers has been a little overwhelming. I promised to keep you updated on everything that was going on and I haven't held up my end of the bargain (the "experience" side of Kickstarter). Let's fix that now.

Before I forget, here is the link to the Sewing Instructional Video (in case you missed it in Update #7)

What's going on?

  • I hired Swish Fulfillment to ensure I didn't lose my mind, and also to send thousands of wallets out to you (if you plan on doing a product-based Kickstarter project in the SF Bay Area I recommend them highly)
  • We've shipped over 1000 Wrap Wallet Kits and almost 300 sewn Wrap Wallets so far
  • We expect the remaining rewards to all ship by early January
  • All of the leather has been tanned & dyed for the Kickstarter order, and is at the laser cutter turning into wallets as we speak

This is version 2.0 of this update. Version 1.0 (slightly more extensive) was eaten by the internets, but rest assured I will be on top of this communication thing now that the holiday season is over.

If you need to get in touch please use the contact form at

Thank you again for your patience & support. The Wrap Wallet wouldn't be possible without you.

Happy holidays,


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