Wrap Wallet Production


Design Your Own Wrap Wallet

Create the perfect custom Wrap Wallet for you - and one for everybody you know! Choose from five colors of French waxed linen thread and seven colors of American vegetable-tanned leather.

Waxed Linen Thread Colors

Vegetable-Tanned Leather Colors

Design & Functionality

I spent a year prototyping, designing and testing the Wrap Wallet to make it not only the best wallet available, but the best wallet imaginable. (patents pending)

The Wrap Wallet is better because it wraps your bills around your cards to create the smallest footprint possible. This eliminates extra layers of leather that would add bulk.

The Wrap Wallet is truly international, fitting all currencies. No "Euro" versions needed.

I like having my ID on the outside so it's easily accessible at airports, bars and clubs.

The Wrap Wallet can also be assembled so the ID is on the inside and the credit card pocket is on the outside for easy access - slide card out, swipe, slide back in.


Lin Câblé Linen Thread

We use only the finest waxed linen thread in the world when making your Wrap Wallet.

Produced in France, Lin Câblé thread is made of three waxed strands of linen twisted and then retwisted for extra smoothness, then moistened and smoothed for maximum strength and durability. Thread diameter is 0.025" (0.63mm).

Bookbinding Goatskin Leather

We are working with Richard E. Meyer and Sons Leather to produce the perfect leather for the Wrap Wallet. The Meyer family has been tanning leather since 1550 in Eisenburg, Germany. Production moved to Philadelphia in 1830, then North Bergen, New Jersey in 1856, and finally settled in Montgomery, New York in 1981.

We've selected bookbinding goatskin (also called "kidskin") for the wallet. Goatskins are harvested as byproducts of meat production. Goats are free range; because of this goatskins can have more natural defects, including scars, which lend character to the leather. Goatskin is tough and durable, able to withstand heavy use. This leather is tanned using a chestnut vegetable tannage and formulated to satisfy requirements for the bookbinding and conservation fields. Leather thickness is 0.031" (0.8mm).

Saddlers Harness Needles

Wrap Wallet Kits include two of the finest leather sewing needles available. Every needle is put through a 12 step manufacturing process and are individually inspected before being packaged from the main plant in Redditch, Worcestershire, England.

John James Needles is synonymous with the very best of needle manufacturing, quality and reliability that traces its roots back to the company's founding in 1840.


The Wrap Wallet was designed with ease of assembly in mind.

The entire wallet is laser cut, including the stitching holes. The leather pieces are so precise that you can sew them into a Wrap Wallet yourself.

We use saddle stitching with two back stitches when hand sewing your Wrap Wallet because it is by far the strongest and most durable way to assemble leather.


3-7/8" long, 2-1/2" wide, 1/4" thick, 1/2 oz

(9.8cm long, 6.4cm wide, 0.6cm thick, 14g)

Only 1/2" longer & 3/8" wider than a credit card; 1/8" narrower than a dollar bill.


Up to 15 bills and 10 plastic cards plus a few business cards. No minimum number of cards or bills required.

I have two IDs, a Clipper card, a MetroCard, a AAA card, a health insurance card, two credit cards, one debit card, a Zipcard, two business cards and 14 bills in my Wrap Wallet right now. I'm not proud that I have this much stuff in my wallet, but I am proud that this much stuff fits into the Wrap Wallet. Even with all this my wallet is ~3/4" thick.

With 4 cards and 5 bills the Wrap Wallet is only 3/8" thick (about the same as an iPhone with a thin case).

Hand-Sewn Wrap Wallet

The Finished Wrap Wallet is available in any thread & leather color combination, and is hand-sewn just for you.

Finished Wrap Gallery

Black Leather & Blue Thread

Mahogany Leather & Ecru (natural) Thread

British Tan Leather & Blue Thread

Natural Leather & Red Thread - "Baseball Wrap"

Red Thread & Leather

Blue Thread & Leather

Green Leather & Blue Thread

It's a Wrap!!