Our Story

Thread & Leather began its life on Kickstarter during the month of November, 2013. Looking for $6,000 to finance the first Wrap Wallet production run, Dave ended up raising $163,757 from 3,796 backers. With those orders fulfilled, we are now humming along making & shipping custom-designed wallets for new customers.

Dave's Story

Dave's Story
As I got older and traveled more on my own, I noticed the need for a minimalist wallet for every currency was not available. Our father is British, and a traditionalist when it comes to carrying a wallet, so every time he would travel to England his over stuffed bi-fold wallet never quite fit his needs. Hence, The Wrap Wallet was born...
I spent a year prototyping, designing and testing the Wrap Wallet to make it not only the best wallet available, but the best wallet imaginable. (Patented)
The Wrap Wallet is truly international, fitting all currencies. No "Euro" versions needed. 


The Wrap Wallet is better because it wraps your bills around your cards to create the smallest footprint possible. This eliminates extra layers of leather that would add bulk. We are all about less is more.



Lily's Story Lily's Story

After four years of sewing with Thread & Leather, it was time for me to buy into the family business. Even though Dave and I may not share DNA, our parents raised us to work hard and support each other. Dave and I work hard to keep the quality and aesthetic of Thread & Leather true to his original vision. 

Having a small business as siblings can be challenging, but we compliment each other's skill sets which has helped Thread & Leather grow into a business we are both proud of. We are proud that our business creates unique products and allows us to employ people who can create with their hands. Thread & Leather is not just about top quality, but also about creating equal opportunity jobs.