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Thread has arrived & surveys have been sent out!!

Posted by David Jackson on December 11, 2013. 0 Comments

Hey Kickstarters! The thread & needles have arrived. Picture this:

Dave walks up to a car parked on a dark street in San Francisco. Guy gets out of car and pops trunk, displaying thousands of dollars worth of "the highest quality product". Dave inspects product to make sure it's what he asked for. Everything seems to be in order. Dave shakes guy's hand and walks off with two boxes full of the good stuff.

That's actually how it went down last night. Luckily I wasn't mugged on the short walk home... not that anyone else would know what to do with 19.5 miles of waxed linen thread.

Now I have everything I need to send out your kits and sewn wallets! I have two laser cutters hard at work cutting out the leather pieces and my friends are hard at work sewing. I'm heading to E&M Labs in Mountain View, CA as we speak to start packing up needles & thread.

Many of you have been worried about not receiving a survey. This was because your survey hadn't been sent yet. Well guess what, YOUR SURVEY HAS BEEN SENT NOW!! Please check your email inbox and/or Kickstarter account page and respond to the survey as soon as you can.

DISCLAIMER: Things are going well. Almost too well. Murphy's Law still exists. I'm doing my best to get these out ASAP but it's still early and a number of things still can and will go wrong. Please aim to be pleasantly surprised when your kit or sewn Wrap shows up sooner than you expected, rather than disappointed if it shows up a week or two later than you thought it might. This will make us all much happier.


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