Stuff is happening!!

Hey Kickstarters!! I've had my head down for the past week sorting out the various logistical issues involved in delivering nearly 4000 Wrap Wallets. A ton of messages have piled up in my inbox and I'm about to go through and start answering them all after I post this update, so please be understanding if my response time is slow. So what's going on?

0. ONLY THE SURVEY FOR THE BLACK & BLUE WRAP HAS BEEN SENT OUT. Not the kit, just the sewn wrap. I'm sending the surveys out as needed in case people move or something else happens that messes everything up.

1. Pergamena (the tannery) is awesome. They tracked my Kickstarter campaign, proactively coloring leather for us and shipping it to California before receiving a single nickel from me. Thanks to you I was finally able to cut them a (huge) check for all of their hard work.

2. The laser at E&M Labs broke, but don't worry, they fixed it. They initially said they could guarantee 1000 wallets by Christmas, but have since increased their estimate to 3500. I found three other laser cutters that are willing to cut leather for me too, and am working to get them online to increase capacity.

3. I have three people sewing wallets now and more coming soon. Jemma (from the video), her friend Olivia and my friend Mary all have some black leather and blue thread and are sewing as fast as they can. If you chose the Black & Blue Wrap, well, good choice. You'll be getting your wallets first. Black & Blue Kits will be going out next (but the survey has not been sent out yet).

4. All of the needles are in, but the thread (aside from blue) has not arrived yet. This is really the biggest unknown at this point. I'll be getting all the kits packed up so that when the thread gets here we can just stuff thread in all the envelopes and stick them in the mailbox.

What does this mean for you concerning delivery time? It is still too early to tell. Many of you will get your reward in time for the holidays, but I have no idea where the cutoff is yet. The way things are going, this initial setup period will take a few more days and then wallets will flow out of the system at an alarming rate. If your reward doesn't arrive in time for the holidays it will certainly arrive shortly afterwards. Keep an eye on the updates to find out more. I really appreciate your patience, understanding and words of encouragement.

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