It's Cyber Monday!! Black & Blue Wrap survey sent!

Hey Kickstarters!! Its Cyber Monday, and I have a few projects that I think are cool and want to share with you:

EVAK Glass Food Storage Container - My friend Ed designed these awesome air-tight food storage containers that change volume to displace any extra air inside to keep your food fresh. The best part is that this happens automatically, no levers to flip or pumps to use.

Lexell Stone Watches - Tim has created watches with bezels and bracelets cut out of stone. They have a unique look and the stone is much harder than metal, making it more resistant to scratching. As an engineer I always appreciate unique materials applied to products in new ways.

Orbitkey - Rex has tackled another pressing pocket problem: key management. His solution expands to fit up to nine keys and keeps them neat and not jangling around in your pocket.

Update on the Wrap Wallet:

The Black & Blue Wrap survey has been sent out!! We have enough black leather and blue thread to make all of these now, so I need to know where they're going. I'll be printing out shipping labels as soon as the survey results are in and giving them to the people sewing these wallets so each Black & Blue Wrap can ship out as soon as it's finished.

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