Wrap Wallet

Your time is precious, as is your money. A well-designed wallet saves you a few seconds with every use, keeps your bills & cards safe and organized, and brings a little extra joy to your day. Why wouldn't you want the best wallet in the world?

Check out our popular Pulp Fiction inspired Wrap Wallet here

Congratulations!! You have found the best wallet in the world, guaranteed. Famous after the wildly successful $163,820 Wrap Wallet Kickstarter campaign, thousands of satisfied customers are roaming the world with a Wrap Wallet in their pocket.

What sets the Wrap Wallet apart is its clever, patent-pending design that securely holds up to 10 cards and 15 bills. The Wrap Wallet keeps your cards organized in three different pockets, eliminates the need to fold bills to put them away, and lets you easily select & remove any individual bill while the rest of your cash stays safe.

Design Your Own Wrap Wallet

Create the perfect custom Wrap Wallet for you - and one for everybody you know! Choose from five colors of French waxed linen thread and seven colors of American vegetable-tanned leather.

Waxed Linen Thread Colors

Vegetable-Tanned Leather Colors

"I'll Bet You $20" Guarantee

I'll bet you $20

I'll bet you $20 that the Wrap Wallet is the best wallet you will ever use.

If you don't like your Wrap Wallet when it arrives simply return it and I will refund 100% of the wallet price, no questions asked.

However, if you give your Wrap Wallet a try for up to 60 days and still aren't convinced that it is the best wallet in the world, return it and not only will I refund your money, I'll send you an extra $20 via PayPal or check for your time. (Some conditions apply.)


People genuinely love the Wrap Wallet, which is why I can bet $20 that you will too.

Hi, over a year ago I got my wrap wallet and I love it! I'll never be able to use another wallet. - Nick W.

I've had my wrap wallet for over a year and think it's a fantastic product. Wallets were always just something I had to carry around everywhere, I never thought there would be a wallet I would appreciate having. Thank you for your hard work. - David R.

I like having my ID on the outside so it's easily accessible at airports, bars and clubs.

The Wrap Wallet can also be assembled so the ID is on the inside and the credit card pocket is on the outside for easy access - slide card out, swipe, slide back in.




The Wrap Wallet was designed with ease of assembly in mind.

The entire wallet is laser cut, including the stitching holes. The leather pieces are so precise that you can sew them into a Wrap Wallet yourself.

We use saddle stitching with two back stitches when hand sewing your Wrap Wallet because it is by far the strongest and most durable way to assemble leather.


It's a Wrap!