Sewn wallets, Kickstarter green & custom cuts

Hey Kickstarters!!

Information about sewn wallets is still coming together. The problem was that I had Swish print out all the shipping labels back in December even though all the sewn wallets weren't ready to ship yet. Compounding the problem was that thread & leather was sent to a number of different people around the country for sewing. Because of this I need to manually figure out what has shipped and what hasn't. The guys at the tannery are helping with sewing now and have ~150 mahogany & ecru wallets sewn up, on top of ~300 or so of various colors that have already shipped. I'll have more accurate info on this asap.

The Kickstarter green leather has been dyed and looks great, but the laser etching doesn't leave as dark a mark on the leather as I would like. I'm working with a bookbinder located between the laser cutter and the tannery to have "Kickstarter" foil-stamped in black onto the Kickstarter wallets. This should look amazing with the black thread, and I hope you will feel it was worth the wait.

Custom cuts have all been cut out. I'm sorting out logistics for sewing and fulfillment for them. That should happen in the next few days.

Refunds have been sent to everyone that requested them.

Thanks for all the positive messages over the past few days, I really appreciate it.



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