Final thread shipment on its way

Hey Kickstarters!!

Thank you all so much for your patience. The tail end of Kickstarter projects is always painful, with plenty of loose ends to tie up. This tends to be a variation of the 80/20 rule:

  • Expectation - the first 80% of a project takes 20% of the time and the final 20% takes 80% of the time
  • Reality - the first 80% of the project takes 80% of the time and the final 20% takes another 80% of the time

The one major loose end with the Wrap Wallet up to this point was that we only received a partial thread shipment back in December, which has delayed sewing and/or shipping for many of our backers (particularly for Mahogany & Ecru, our most popular color combo). We finally received word from our supplier in France that the rest of the thread has shipped!! Kits delayed by this will ship pretty much as soon as the thread arrives, and sewn wallets will ship as they're finished.

To clarify how the shipping process is going, everyone is being sent one wallet first, with additional wallets sent in a following shipment. This ensures that all backers get an award as soon as possible. Keep an eye out for a shipping confirmation email from that will go out when your wallet ships.

Custom wallets were a much bigger logistical challenge than anticipated. I will be working with the laser cutter in Beacon NY next week to finish all of those and get them shipped.

The Kickstarter green has been made and looks great. Unfortunately I forgot that the Kickstarter logo had to be etched into the leather in place of the "&" so I have to redo those. I'll be taking care of them at the laser cutter this week as well.

I'm working through the message backlog now. If you've sent me a message it will be answered in the next day or two. I really appreciate your patience.

I hope you understand how much I appreciate your support through this process, and I can't wait to have all of you finally enjoying your Wrap Wallets.

If you have any specific questions about managing a Kickstarter project (or anything else) please ask in the comments below and I will answer in the next update.



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