Instructional Video + Happy Thanksgiving!!

Hey Kickstarters!! First of all, happy Thanksgiving! I hope you are all with loved ones today eating some delicious turkey. I've got six confit turkey legs that have been cooking sous vide for 12 hours using my Nomiku to give us extra meat firepower to go with mom's massive 18 lb turkey (we have 16 people at the table today).

I finally had time to record a Wrap Wallet sewing instructional video yesterday. Just a single cut showing how I sew Wrap Wallets. Please watch this if you've ordered a kit so you know what you're in for.

Just after I shot the video I figured out a trick that makes it twenty times easier to thread the sewing needles. I'll show you that sometime soon.

And this is what I was up to last night on Thanksgiving Eve (the biggest party night of the year):

Yep. Sewing Wrap Wallets. You can see four of the different colors on my computer. I'll post pics of those later today. And those "baseball" Wrap Wallets? Those will be going to "Baseball Wrap" backers :-)

Now if you'll excuse me I have some confit turkey legs to finish on the grill.

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