Our laser cutter has a Kickstarter project too!!

Hey Kickstarters! Just wanted to share with you another project I love, done by the very same people that will be laser cutting your wallets.

E&M Labs started their laser cutting business on Kickstarter with the Trebuchette, a miniature desktop trebuchet made from laser-cut baltic birch plywood. I got one of them two years ago and love playing with it, launching things across the house. They're now rounding out the set with Siege Toys, including a ballista and a catapult, and you can even order the original Trebuchette. I'm rounding out my collection with the "Christmas Delivery: Battle Pack". If you pledge soon you'll be able to get them delivered in time for the holidays!

Hope you're all enjoying your weekend. I sure am. My family is in town from Detroit, Houston and Long Island, NY for my grandfather's 97th birthday party.

I'll be heading up to the tannery on Tuesday to watch them dye the first batch of black leather (enough for 300 wallets), and then a batch of mahogany will be next. Look for an update on that soon!!



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